Padlocks For Lock Boxes

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Padlocks For Lock Boxes

Post by NantucketShedHunter on Fri Mar 01, 2013 10:47 pm

I think you all know by now my Moultrie M80XT was stolen last week. It was locked to a tree with a small diameter python cable lock. I'm still pretty upset but took it as a lesson learned and am trying to move on. After the theft of my camera I pulled my most expensive ones out of the woods and ordered lock boxes for them. I have used lock boxes in the past for two of my other cameras. I lag bolt the boxes to the tree with long stainless steel lags. I then lock the box with a heavy duty Master padlock. I do not use as python cable as I do not want the cable on the tree so it will be seen by a thief.

How hard is it to steal a camera from a lock box? Is it difficult to pry the box off the tree with a pry bar? And what kind of a padlock should I be using? Seems like it would take 2 seconds to cut the padlock I'm using on the box with a pair of bolt cutters. Would a shrouded padlock be better?

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated to prevent further theft of my cameras.
There is nothing more gut-wrenching than coming up on where you left your camera and find it's stolen off the tree you put it on.

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Re: Padlocks For Lock Boxes

Post by GHOSTMAN on Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:36 pm

I know the gut wrenching feeling well when the W220 was stolen and even more furious when the SOB lied to my face when asked. I wanted to put a ugly 6'4" 280lbs a$$ whoopin on him right then and there. Damn liar and thief.

I have a lock box for the Acorn and used it twice. I used a lock you'd use on a storage unit. The issue is lag bolt, screws, hooks etc. are no match to a huge a$$ crowbar or ice spud etc. Think of how a demolition guy takes off items in the building with ease. Pythons can be cut no matter what size. As I said before I have a pair of 2 man bolt cutters that not much can stand up to if we can get it's jaws on it.

No good answer for ya brah, sorry you'll just have to do your best with what ya got and cover and concealment is your only other option here.

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Re: Padlocks For Lock Boxes

Post by ray12 on Fri Mar 01, 2013 11:49 pm

Not sure on what the best lock would be but i wouldnt go cheap!! get something thats real tough and big! I hope i never walk up to a tree where my camera "was" and its not around!! I would try and take extra steps to blend in my cameras to the max and if you think theft is an issue dont set a camera there!

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Re: Padlocks For Lock Boxes

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